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Wall Street Journal: Debt Shouldn’t Stop You From Driving

For the Wall Street Journal, Free to Drive steering committee member Koch Industries’ Jenny Kim announces the launch of the Free to Drive coalition and explains why driver’s licenses should never be suspended for failure to pay fines and fees. You can read the full piece here.

Free to Drive Launch Event

Driver’s license suspensions for unpaid fines and fees are cruel, counterproductive, and harmful to millions of people. Nationwide, there are at least 11 million driver’s license suspensions for unpaid court debt. People who lose their license often lose their jobs; they can’t go to the doctor, attend church, take care of their families or get …

Free to Drive interactive story maps

Free to Drive releases interactive maps tracking data and statutes

Free to Drive has released a collection of interactive maps that show which states suspend driver’s licenses for unpaid fines and fees, how many licenses are suspended in each state, organizations working to reform that practice, and personal narratives from people harmed by license suspension. Click here to view the maps and learn more about …